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Steep .CA Discounts For Geep Customers
Wed, 10th Oct, 2012 11:04:45 PDT
Geep will be offering steep discounts for new .CA domains during October, 2012
OpenSRS is having a special deal on during October, 2012, and Geep Technologies is signing up. For brand-new .CA domains, we will be offering a steep discount for our customers of up to $4-$5 off or more our already rock-bottom prices. Pre-existing customers, please contact us at your customer support URL for more information.

OpenSRS Registration
Tue, 23rd Mar, 2004 03:12:30 PST
OpenSRS domain name registrations will shortly be available through Geep Technologies.
We at Geep Technologies are pleased to announce the upcoming availability of normal domain name registrations directly through Geep. We are making this service available via a partnership with the popular OpenSRS distributed domain name registration system, and expect that it will be up and functional within a week. If you are interested in steep discounts off Network Solutions' (and others) price gouging on the domains .com, .net, .org, .ca, .cc, .us, .biz, .info, .tv, and .uk, or would like to transfer your existing domain name presence to a webhosting company who cares about quality of service instead of how much money you're willing to fork over, please feel free to contact us for more information.

Geep Technologies Website Active
Mon, 11th Aug, 2003 09:33:01 PDT
Geep Technologies primary website is now online and operational. Welcome!

Geep Technologies is proud to present its new website--online and for your perusal. We will be adding features, functionality, and services as time goes on, and as this is the initial launch of our website, we thank you for visiting!

It's been an interesting adventure navigating through the myriad beaurocracies involved, but worth every minute.